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About us


Integrating with their affiliates and employees, in accordance with the changing and developing international quality standards among the elite institutions of all types of health services quickly and efficiently , we provide services to our citizens on equal terms.

Transparent , honest and create a fair environment service policy, which rely on employee leaders and management team , open to innovation , it has reached the job satisfaction , motivation with high scientific competence, to create a respectful premise of a General Secretariat of understanding the environmental and life values.

- International recognition

- Reliability

- Cooperation

- Ethics Respect

- participants

- Respect and Tolerance

* Motivation with scientific competence to use high advanced technological equipment, continuous improvement and development in the open labor force with the lowest cost , the best time and all the resources are used efficiently by creating the corporate culture is integrated with the staff ethics in the light.

* Our Health Care , medical and health facilities to make physical hardware with technology.

* Employees with being in an interaction based on mutual sharing and satisfaction.

* Sensitive to our shareholders, who pay attention to the transparency, reliable and establish a dynamic system of governance .

* Using human resources in the best way to produce quick and effective solutions.

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