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Aydın has become a centre of attraction with its vicinity to the centres where the green and the blue combine together to create indefinable beauties. Kuşadası is the most prominent of these centres. Didim is the next one after the clear waters and the warm comfort of the sun of Kuşadası. Two gulfs are located in the region: Altınkum in the west and the Gulf of Akbük in the east. Besides these, there are many other beaches in Aydın, such as the beach of Bafa Lake, the beach of Didim (in Didim), the beaches of Gevrek and Akbük (in Didim), the beach of Güvercinada (in Kuşadası), the beaches of Güzelçamlı, Halk, İlyas Ağa and the beach of Kadınlar (The Womens Beach) (all in Kuşadası), the beaches of Kalamaki, Karaova, Mocamp, Nero and Dipheron, the beach at the Port of Odun, the beach of Tavşanburnu (in Didim), the beaches of Tusan, Yavansu and Aslanburnu (in Kuşadası) and the beach of Yılancı Burnu among many others.


You should only do one thing: choose the kind of treatment you wish to have, the hotel and the flight, namely do the most pleasant part of your voyage.

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